Simone, (aged 34) running client:“Mona’s passion for running shines through in her coaching. With experience in counselling and an understanding of the psychology around exercise training; I gained support to discover my potential and push through my limits both physically and mentally. Having participated in a run group I have gained skills that have stayed with me and encouraged a sense of well being, assertiveness and joy whilst wearing my trainers and in my everyday life.Running is now an activity I will always feel confident to include in my exercise schedule. Thanks Mona!!” 

Abigail (7) Mini mile training group:







Male therapy client, aged 44:“I would highly recommend Mona. She has provided a safe and non-judgemental environment in which to express myself”

Zoe, adult runner @ RUN School: “At last term’s Run School my running group were blessed with Mona as our trainer. I looked forward to our weekly sessions: Mona got me running further than I had before and she also listened and supported me emotionally during our sessions. It was a difficult time as my father was in his last weeks of life. She is warm, compassionate and professional”


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