Running Therapy (launching soon)

Why Running Therapy?

Running Therapy is a powerful combination of the body-mind approach. As well as the benefits of physical exercise and being outdoors, clients will benefit from a talking therapy. It also provides an alternative environment to the ‘traditional counselling room’, although some of the sessions may take place in a therapy room, at the clients preference (initial session, some bad weather situations).

Do I have to Run?

You don’t have to be a runner. The choice is yours and we will walk, jog or run at your pace, and at a pace where we can talk. You will lead the pace of the session and also in terms of when you want to stop and/or walk. A session might just be walking, or perhaps sitting on a bench, on the beach, or the downs.

How confidential is it?

Because of the nature of the therapy being outdoors, it can only ever be semi confidential. We will agree from the outset where you would like the therapy to take place (there will be a choice of outdoor locations) and we will also agree how to deal with running or walking by someone you may know (e.g. smile and acknowledge them perhaps, they don’t have to know you are in the middle of a therapy session)

Where are the outdoor locations?

Sea front, a park or the downs

What is my approach?

I am an Integrative Therapist which means I see each client as individual and unique, each with their own set of histories, life experiences and journeys. The space we have is the outdoors, which gives us a really unique dynamic to work with. In this space we will explore issues, and work collaboratively towards the identified goal. I offer warmth, empathy and a non-judgemental approach, but may also at times offer gentle challenge. I work creatively and integrate elements of different therapeutic approaches.

Therapy is a journey and one we embark on together. As your therapist I am not the expert but your co-pilot.

The practicalities:

The initial session is free and will take place at the therapy room at Studio 211 Therapies. We will agree the outdoor location of the therapy sessions and I will get an idea of your running fitness. All clients are offered 6 sessions initially, during which time we can agree whether you require long or short term therapy.


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