I offer both short and long-term therapy. It really depends on you and your needs, but as a standard I offer all clients six sessions initially, during which time we can establish how you would like to proceed. Once you have contacted me to inquire about therapy, we will meet for an initial session at my therapy room in Hove. The initial session is free and usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

An initial session with me gives you the opportunity to meet me and ask any questions you may have. I believe the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to the process, so it is important that you choose a therapist you feel you can connect with. It also gives me a chance to meet you and get a feel for what you would like to get out of therapy. The initial session is not a therapy session. It is your first step to making a change in your life and a really important one, so well done for doing so. The first step is always the hardest, and once you have met your therapist you will realize that we are just as human as you are.

We will also look at the therapy agreement, which covers client confidentiality and sets out what our expectations might be from one another, as client and therapist.

The therapy sessions after that take place at the same day and time every week and I charge £40 per 50-minute session. I do offer a sliding scale of rates to any clients who might be on a lower income.

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to make your session and provided you give me 24 hours notice, you won’t be charged for that session.


Please see Running Therapy Page.


Before you decide which package is best suited to you, we will meet for an initial chat about what you are looking for and what you would like to achieve. This won’t cost you anything and you are not committing at this stage. Once you have made your decision, we will meet again for a fitness assessment, where we will go into more depth in pinning down your goals and tailoring a training program to suit your needs. Part of this process will involve carrying out some fitness tests, but don’t worry. The reason for doing this is for you to get the best out of your training program; and so that you are better able to monitor your progression. I believe that each client is unique with their own individual requirements, so each training program will vary.

Your training program will take into account how much support and/or coaching you may want or require. The positive aspect of the training program I put together for clients is that they incorporate elements of personal training, running fitness coaching, confidence building and life coaching. With a body-mind approach, the aim is to get to the real core of you and what you are about and empower you to continue your own running and life journey without a coach!

An example of what a training program may look like:


  • warm up and cool down exercises
  • stretching and flexibility
  • appropriate strength and injury prevention exercises
  • weekly Run-Fit session/s with your coach
  • feedback
  • contact with your coach in between the 1-1 Run Fit sessions
  • lifestyle analysis
  • food diary
  • confidence building
  • motivational investigation

Each program is individually tailored and will also be based on the fitness assessment carried out with the client in the first session. The program is very organic, as I have regular reviews with my clients, where we look at any challenges the client might have and look at how we can overcome these. And in the process of working together I attune myself to how the client likes to work and what methods they seem to respond to most positively!




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